We offer three price bands of recommended fabrics that we run as standard with several fabric ranges in each price band (all recommended fabrics are suitable for severe contract use) please scroll down to see our full range; we are also happy to accept specifications or COM (kindly note it is not possible for Excalibur to return or accept liability for over supplied COM) Please confirm how much COM is required before your order is placed.

The suitability and performance of specified fabrics is the responsibility of the customer however Excalibur are ready to advise upon request.

Please note velvet fabrics have a raised pile and therefore seat stacking chairs upholstered in a velvet material can be susceptible to pressure marking; we therefore advise against leaving seat stacking chairs stacked for extended periods of time.

Cleaning Vinyl Upholstery: Manufacturers recommend a damp cloth or sponge for regular cleaning. Damp cloth or sponge with lukewarm water & mild alkaline free soap for a more thorough clean. Rinse with clean water. Do not use Solvents. Do not use Concentrated abrasive cleaning products. Do not use Wax Polish

Band 3 Aquaclean Fabric – Click here to see for yourself how Aquaclean performs with ‘real world’ stains, which can easily be removed with just water.